The UART protocol could be used, for instance, to emit an receive RS232 / RS485 frames.

There is an example of an 8 bits frame, with no parity and one stop bit : Miaou

Bus definition

case class Uart() extends Bundle with IMasterSlave {
  val txd = Bool  // Used to emit frames
  val rxd = Bool  // Used to receive frames

  override def asMaster(): Unit = {


An Uart controller is implemented in the library. This controller has the specificity to use a sampling window to read the rxd pin and then to using an majority vote to filter its value.

IO name direction type Description
config in UartCtrlConfig Used to set the clock divider/partity/stop/data length of the controller
write slave Stream[Bits] Stream port used to request a frame transmission
read master Flow[Bits] Flow port used to receive decoded frames
uart master Uart Interface to the real world

The controller could be instantiated via an UartCtrlGenerics configuration object :

Attribute type Description
dataWidthMax Int Maximal number of bit inside a frame
clockDividerWidth Int Width of the internal clock divider
preSamplingSize Int Specify how many samplingTick are drop at the beginning of a UART baud
samplingSize Int Specify how many samplingTick are used to sample rxd values in the middle of the UART baud
postSamplingSize Int Specify how many samplingTick are drop at the end of a UART baud