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A scope property is a thing which can store values localy to the current thread. Its API can be used to set/get that value, but also to apply modification to the value for a portion of the execution in a stack manner.

In other words it is a alternative to global variable, scala implicit, ThreadLocal.

  • To compare with global variable, It allow to run multiple thread running the same code indepedently

  • To compare with scala implicit, it is less intrusive in the code base

  • To compare with ThreadLocal, it has some API to collect all ScopeProperty and restore them in the same state later on

object Xlen extends ScopeProperty[Int]

object ScopePropertyMiaou extends App{
  println(Xlen.get) //1
    println(Xlen.get) //2
      println(Xlen.get) //3
      println(Xlen.get) //4
    println(Xlen.get) //2