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RISCV tool-chain

Binaries executed by the CPU can be defined in ASM/C/C++ and compiled by the GCC RISCV fork. Also, to load binaries and debug the CPU, an OpenOCD fork and RISCV GDB can be used.

OpenOCD/GDB/Eclipse configuration

About the OpenOCD fork, there is the configuration file that could be used to connect the Pinsec SoC :

There is an example of arguments used to run the OpenOCD tool :

openocd -f ../tcl/interface/ftdi/ft2232h_breakout.cfg -f ../tcl/target/riscv_spinal.cfg -d 3

To debug with eclipse, you will need the Zylin plugin and then create an “Zynlin embedded debug (native)”.

Initialize commands :

target remote localhost:3333
monitor reset halt

Run commands :