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Design errors


The SpinalHDL compile will perform many checks on your design to be sure that the generated VHDL/Verilog will be safe for simulation and synthesis. Basicaly, it should not be possible to generate a broken VHDL/Verilog. There is a none exaustive list of SpinalHDL checks :

  • Assignement overlaping

  • Clock crossing

  • Hiearchy violation

  • Combinatorial loops

  • Latches

  • Undrived signals

  • Width missmatch

  • Unreachable switch statements

On each SpinalHDL error report, you will find a stack trace which is realy usefull to accuratly findout where is the design error. It could look overkill in a first look, but as soon you start to go futher the traditional way of doing hardware description, it is realy a helpfull tool.