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This page only documents the SoC implemented with the first generation of RISC-V CPU created in SpinalHDL. This page does not document the VexRiscV CPU, which is the second generation of this SoC (and CPU) is available here and offers better perforance/area/features.


Pinsec is the name of a little FPGA SoC fully written in SpinalHDL. Goals of this project are multiple :

  • Prove that SpinalHDL is a viable HDL alternative in non-trivial projects.

  • Show advantage of SpinalHDL meta-hardware description capabilities in a concrete project.

  • Provide a fully open source SoC.

Pinsec has followings hardware features:

  • AXI4 interconnect for high speed busses

  • APB3 interconnect for peripherals

  • RISCV CPU with instruction cache, MUL/DIV extension and interrupt controller

  • JTAG bridge to load binaries and debug the CPU

  • SDRAM SDR controller

  • On chip ram

  • One UART controller

  • One VGA controller

  • Some timer module

  • Some GPIO

The toplevel code explanation could be find there

Board support

A DE1-SOC FPGA project can be find here with some demo binaries.