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Using Spinal from IntelliJ IDEA

In addition to the aforementioned requirements, you also need to download the IntelliJ IDEA (the free Community edition is enough). When you have installed IntelliJ, also check that you have enabled its Scala plugin (install information can be found here).

And do the following:

  • In Intellij IDEA, “import project” with the root of this repository, the choose the Import project from external model SBT and be sure to check all boxes.

  • In addition, you might need to specify some path like where you installed the JDK to IntelliJ.

  • In the project (Intellij project GUI), right click on src/main/scala/mylib/MyTopLevel.scala and select “Run MyTopLevel”.

This should generate the output file MyTopLevel.vhd in the project directory, which implements a simple 8-bit counter.

Now you can use your environment, let’s explore the code: A simple example.