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Using Spinal from VSCodium


VSCode works the same way as VSCodium.

The first time, in the extensions, install “Scala (Metals)”.

Open the workspace: File > Open Folder... and open the folder you have downloaded earlier in Create a SpinalHDL project.

Wait a little bit, a notification pop-up should appear on the bottom-right corner: “Multiple build definitions found. Which would you like to use?”. Click sbt, then another pop-up appears, click Import build.

Wait while running sbt bloopInstall. Then a warning pop-up appears, you can ignore it (don’t show again).

In the explorer, find and open MyTopLevel.scala. Wait a little bit, and see the run | debug line that is displayed by Metals, before each App. For instance, click on run just above object MyTopLevelVerilog. It performs design checks and, as the checks pass, it generates the Verilog file MyTopLevel.v at the root of the workspace.

This is all you need to do to use Spinal from VSCodium!

Now you can use your environment, let’s explore the code: A simple example.